The Ultimate EZ Press Deluxe was designed for quick and easy setup of all compound and crossbows. Having the ability to compress down to 12″ and out to 54″ axle to axle. Accommodating every compound and crossbow on the market today. For it to have this ability it has an adjustable drop pin arm for quick and easy adjustment between the major differences that can come from a crossbow to a compound. Built with reinforced parts for handling the higher poundage draw weights safely. Including our manual gear system for smooth and easy operation. Also, with the ability to pivot vertically or horizontally to aid in the setup of your bow from start to finish. 

This press uses our patented finger system allowing you to press the bow exactly as if it’s being drawn back. Not applying any extra pressure to your limbs and also not applying torque to your riser. 

This press IS NOT available in the power model.
f you purchase the deluxe 2nd axis with this press as an extra attachment. You will not receive the single axis within that same purchase. The 2nd axis will be added to the press in place of the single axis. Again when you place an order for the 2nd axis the single axis swivel will not be included in your purchase. If you would like to purchase the single axis as well, contact our Customer Service team before you place your order and we can get that taken care of for you.