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Sitka Gear Open Country Gear
Open country pursuits…extended engagement ranges, generally moderate to higher activity levels with periods of motionlessness. Glassing open bowls, tiptoeing through aspen groves, battling scree fields, and generally covering miles at time. Sitka’s line of Open Country products are designed with weight, activity levels, and quickly changing weather conditions in mind. The foundation of this line up revolves around moisture management, keeping you comfortable and active. Layers are chosen to accommodate forecasted conditions in addition to the unknown. Face fabrics are focused on weight or durability with smooth woven faces that can dry quickly in the case of rain, and the expected over nighter in a tent. Pack ability and durability are stressed. Gore “Optifade” Concealment Big Game/Open Country is optimized for engagement ranges of 20 meters or more, mountain or open environments, and stalking prey with minimal coverage. This is how we define Open Country.