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Stone Glacier Clothing and Hunting Apparrel

Stone Glacier Clothing and Apparel for Hunting and Hiking.

New Product Updated Wednesday July 21st, 2021

A few years ago Stone Glacier reflected on all that they had accomplished with packs,  and were proud to be considered an industry-leading company. At the time, they offered less than a dozen packs and a few accessories, a small company. It dawned on Stone Glacier’s Management that the time was right to pursue another dream they had often discussed. That dream was to create Stone Glacier Clothing products that would replace everything else we use in the field. Fast forward to 2021 – and it’s no longer a dream, but a reality. In addition to backpacks, they now also produce industry-leading tents, sleeping bags, and other technical apparel. And the innovation hasn’t stopped.

This year, Stone Glacier is excited to offer this new line of technical apparel with Merino 6 base layers, De Havilland LITE Pants, and late season M7 Series Rain Gear. Also, the Skyline Bino Harness and SQ2 Alpine Gaiters offer patent pending technologies that will forever change your expectations of these critical pieces of gear. Stone Glacier believes it’s just getting started. They expect to have many innovative technologies and designs in-process that will eventually come to market. To all longtime loyal Stone Glacier Customers, thanks for taking the ride with us! And, to new customers, we are proud to have each of you wearing the SG logo in the field.